Which dog is suitable for pulling?

The race of the dog is not important. Every healthy, grown up dog who loves to run is suitable. The dog should have approximately a shoulder hight of 50cm ( approx.20" ) and a minimum weight of 25kg (approx. 4 stone) With patience and positive feedback that type of dog will be able to pull a Hadhi-dog-Trike . But never force the dog!

 A dog can pull 3 to 4 times its own body weight. For example a dog with 25 kg ( 4 stones) and the required height can pull a Hadhi-dog-Trike plus a person weighing 80kg ( ca. 12stones) . A Hadhi-dog-Trike weighs about 20kg (just under 3 stones).

Here is a more precise example

 Imagine a person of 80kg (12 and a half stone) standing on a Hadhi-dog-Trike which is on a smooth surface like a tar road or slabbed area. The dog in front only needs to pull 3,5kg (just over a half stone) to start the Trike. When the Trike is already moving the dog needs to pull only 2 kg! (only 4,4 lbs!). These details were measured ourselves using pulling scales.

Every dog owner should know his dog and feel when it is too much for the animal. It should always be fun.

Your dog should be allowed to choose the tempo in which he wants to pull the trike and the distance!

We humans have to stand back a little bit and don't expect too much. Your canine companion should be trained to pull the Hadhi-dog-Trike step by step but once learned it could be a good opportunity for the family dog to satisfy his need to exercise.

Obviously a normal family dog is not able to pull a cart in high speed for miles like a Huskie is able to pull heavy sledges in Alaska, but with pulling the Hadhi-dog-Trike your 4 legged friend can find a new way to exercise. For the PROFESIONALS (humans and dogs) the Hadhi-dog-trike (especially the Race Version) can be a great way to train and exercise using one or two dogs.

Two dogs pulling together in harmonie can spur each other on and that means more speed with the Trike!