foldable Hadhi-dog-Scooter
has like all our Hadhi-dog-Scooters  a strong stainless steel frame and high quality aluminium parts.
It comes with either
- Shimano roller brakes or the new Magura disc brakes
If you need to dismantle the front wheel to fit the scooter into your car, we recommend the disc brakes as it is easier . Please feel free to contact us for further advice.
-  adjustable oil suspension front fork for tar road or off road use
- mud guards front and back
- bell
- either 2,25" wheel with ribbed tyres  on a  20" backwheel rim and        a 26" front wheel rim

 - 2,25" wheel with ribbed tyres on a  20" backwheel and a 24" front wheel rim
  • slip free aluminium platform
  • the stand is ideally situated under the platform
  • rotation stop mechanism for the handlebar (can't turn 360º)
  • cables run inside the frame
  • high quality powder dust paint
The Scooter has a flexible pulling device made out of stainless steel. It is easy detachable and very strong - the lead of your dog can be directly attached to it.
The foldable Hadhi-dog-Scooter is easily folded for troublefree transportation in the boot of your car.

Tools are not required as it is fitted with a  plastic knobbed bolt system.
It is a safe and easy to use construction.

NO tools are required to fold the Scooter!
 No more excuses!
Get ready to get out and about with your dog and the Hadhi-dog- Scooter even in a small car!
Price for a Hadhi-dog-Scooter foldable                               1.307,50 € 
incl VAT (without shipping)
The Hadhi-dog-Scooter foldable comes (at the moment) without a  light system!