Still on foot or into the swing of Hadhi-dog-triking?

These are the prices for 2014:


 "Basic Model"         "Race Version"        "Trike for Kids"     "Hadhi-dog-Scooter" 

   1.450,00 €               1.610,00 €           1.628,50 €                 1.110,00  €

 "Race Version with Magura-disc-brakes"    "Hadhi-dog-Scooter FOLDABLE"

       1.935,00 €                                            1.307,50 €

  All our prices are INCLUDING VAT and WITHOUT shipping. (VAT 19%)

Please ask for individual shipping costs for your destination!

The p&p for the "Bollerwagen" within Germany is 30 Euros.

Please feel free to ask for the prices of our EXTRAS:

  • bike speedometer
  • bike basket
  • bike basket for a small dog
  • lights
  • seat for the trike
  • handle bar bags
  • metal frame for 2 dogs
  • and more.....

Please send an e-mail to

We are looking forward to hearing from you very soon!