Our Scooter is made out of a strong stainless steel frame and high quality aluminium parts.
The Hadhi- dog-Scooter is equipped with:
     ° high quality Shimano roller brakes or Magura disc  brakes
     ° mud guards front and back
     ° bell
  •  oil suspention front fork can be adjusted for off road or tar road use
  •  slip free aluminium platform
  • the stand is ideally situated under the platform
  • rotation stop mechanism for the handlebar (can't turn 360º)
  • If you choose the Scooter with inbuilt light system it benefits from a hub dynamo with standby function.
  • high quality powder dust paint
choose from either  :
  • 2,25" wheel with ribbed tyre on a  20" back wheel rim and a 26" front wheel rim
  •  2,25" wheel with ribbed tyre on a  20" back wheel rim and a 24" front wheel rim
 The Scooter has a flexible pulling device made out of stainless steel. It is easy detachable and very strong - the lead of your dog can be directly attached to it.   
You can also use the Hadhi-dog-Scooter WITHOUT a dog.
It's an excellent, high quality, hand made Scooter to keep you fit and healthy.
Interested? Please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to help!
Hadhi-dog-Scooter without light system   1.110,00 €
Hadhi-dog-Scooter with inbuilt light system
1.230,00 € 
(INCLUDING 19% VAT, plus shipping cost)

It now comes with 24" front wheel
The person you can see on the picture, on a 24" front wheel Scooter, is 145 cm tall  (4 feet 9 inches - about 10 years old)
As the child grows , the frame pipe can be changed to accommodate a 26" wheel.
Hadhi-dog-Scooter "little" : The Scooter that "grows" with your child
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